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Reliable supplier for Scientifics laboratory Equipment’s Analytic, Scientifics, Medical & TURNKEY SOLUTIONS & PROJECTS


About our customers

we are implmnation complete turnkey projects including:

supply, installation, design, training, operation furnishing,    commissioning, maintenance for any kinds of laboratories


One stop solution for all your laboratory needs for New Instrumentation (HI TECH & General Laboratory) & equipment’s, instruments, apparatuses &Chemical & Consumables, Laboratory Planning & Designing. Provide turnkey solutions for setting up laboratories covering the industries of Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Cosmetics & fragrances, Agriculture, Education & R.D, Converting Mobile Laboratories for Chemical Testing, Q.C  ,Microbiological Testing and Sensory Evaluations etc...


- Laboratory Planning & Designing- Installation of Furniture - Installation & Commissioning of Laboratory InstrumentationsSupply of Chemicals & Consumables& equipment’s, instruments, apparatuses- Applications Training, Product training and Product demonstration to End Users- After Sales Services and maintenance 

The Key Components

1. Laboratory Equipment: The core of turnkey solutions for laboratory is the most advanced equipment. This covers analytical instruments as well as automated system for handling samples, up to HPLC, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) mass spectrometers incubators, incubators and many other. The type of equipment you choose depends on your laboratory’s research area, but usually includes high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) incubators, mass spectrometers and many more.

2. Computer Integration: Today’s laboratories depend heavily on computers to manage information control equipment, ensuring precision in research. Turnkey solutions for labs include software that enables researchers to control, monitor and analyze the data gathered from various instruments. This integration increases efficiency and reduces mistakes.
3. System for Sample Management: Effective management of samples in labs is of vital importance. Therefore, turnkey solutions usually comprise monitoring and management of samples which ensure that samples are properly identified, stored and can be retrieved quickly whenever needed, thereby improving workflow and data traceability. This feature ensures that the labeling is correct as well as data tracking across laboratory processes.
4. Data Management: The management of data is the heart of research in science. Turnkey solutions are solid data management systems which allow researchers to organize, store and analyze huge quantities of information in a timely manner essential feature that aids in decision-making and collaborative processes.
5. Quality Control and Conformity: Laboratories must adhere to strict Quality Control and Compliance requirements that is why turnkey solutions include quality controls and features to meet compliance with regulations to ensure that the lab tests are in compliance with the requirements of biotech and pharmaceutical labs. This is an essential feature.
6. Equipment Calibration and Maintenance: To ensure that lab experiments run smoothly and accurately laboratory equipment requires regular maintenance and calibration services. Turnkey solutions usually have automated calibration schedules that minimize downtime and ensure that the results are consistent throughout time.
7. Education and Support: Introducing new systems can be difficult and therefore lab turnkey solutions typically include extensive support and training packages that help lab technicians manage and troubleshoot an integrated system efficiently.   

Our Services

Our products range of equipment has been developed with the highest standards to guarantee accuracy and reliability.

Warranty and customer support

We offer warranties on all of our laboratory equipment and provide dedicated customer support to ensure that our clients have the best experience possible

Your Reliable Partner for Laboratory Testing Equipment.

Find the perfect equipment for all your laboratory needs. Trust in ALRAND HORIZON for precise and accurate results.

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We are trying to provide best and best services to our valued customers.

revolutionized the way I conduct testing in my laboratory. The results are
accurate and the equipment is easy to use.

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